Configure NSX Edge Load Balancer for Horizon

Since NSX 6.4.5 you are able to configure a load balancer from the HTML5 client. In the below case, i’ll configure an NSX edge to load balance traffic between my connection servers.

Step 1 : Deploy a NSX Edge

In networking and Security, clic on NSX Edges and Add
Configure a name and a host name for your NSX Edge, in my case i’ll do not use HA.
Configure a username and a password, take care that the policy is more restrictive than usual.
For lab purpose, compact deployment will be far enough
Configure an interface where the edge will communicate, this ip will handle the VIP for your loadbalancer.
Configure a gateway
Again for lab purpose, i’ll use a default policy which allow all traffic.

Step 2 : Configure the load balancer

First of all, enable the load balancer service on your edge

Step 3 : Create an application profile

In a first time, i’ll do not use any certificate. Each broker will show its own self signed certificate.

Configure SSL Passtrough, and use SSL Session ID for the persistence mode

Step 4 : Create a new pool containing my two broker

Use IP-HASH algorithm, and the default https rules for monitoring traffic
Add your brokers in members, and configure port 443.

Step 5 : Create a virtual server

Create a virtual server, with https protocol and redirecting to the previously created Horizon pool

Step 6 optionnal : Add a self signed certificate

Go back in the configure tab of your Edge, select certificates, in the CSR Actions, clic generate certificate
Select your previously generated CSR and select self sign certificate.
Go back into your application profile and select HTTPS End to End instead of SSL passtrough.
Self your self signed certificate on the Client and Server side.
In my case, you can see that the horizon certificate is presented, not the broker one.

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