VCF Journey: Build a lab, part 1

I’m currently following the VMware Cloud Foundation: Planning, Management, Operations [V4.3] – On-Demand training. This is great training but, I think, due to the number of infrastructure resources needed for this kind of lab environment, there is only video content.If I don’t play with the product, I can’t speak about

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TKGm 1.3 on AWS EC2 – Part 1

Goal of this article is summarize all the informations that i found useful in order to deploy TKGm on AWS. This is more or less personnal raw notes.If you using it and you feel that something is missing. Ping me and I’ll update my article. Set up my workstation: I’ll

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TKGs : Force vNamespace deletion

For months, I spent a lot of my efforts in the cloud-native world.I set up in our lab environment vSphere with Tanzu and NSX ALB where I play with various cloud-native projects like ArgoCD, Harbor,… I wanted to delete the namespace when… the worse happens: I can see the namespace

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VCP Application Modernization 2021 : Review

I recently passed my VCP Application Modernization : This exam test the candidate on Tanzu Standard, which include :– vSphere with Tanzu– Tanzu Kubernetes Grid– Tanzu Mission Control From the certification page on VMware site:This exam tests a candidate’s expertise with VMware Tanzu Standard Edition including vSphere with Tanzu, Tanzu

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Cheat Sheet : vRA

I’m currently working on my VCP CMA 2020 and I found it useful to share here my cheat sheet with a few vracli or kubectl commands. vracli Display the status of your vRA cluster:vracli status Get a detailed status of your infrastructure (Kubernetes, postgres, …) and your applications (approval, catalog,…)vracli

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vSphere 7 : Update planner is missing

If you’ve just updated your vCSA to version 7 like me, you may find an issue with vSphere update planner, one of the new functionalities. This simply does not appear : To solve the issue, check the file : /etc/vmware-rhttpproxy/endpoints.conf.d/ui-plugins.conf it should contain a line like : /plugins/com.vmware.lcm.client~<FQDN>443 remotessl <FQDN>:443/

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Upgrading an ESXis with nVIDIA GPU

Not a lot of content about this task on internet. Nothing is really complex but you need to follow the steps corretly otherwise you 3D applications will become unusable.In my case, here few details about the infrastructure:– Dell R730 servers– nVIDIA M60– Two servers within a dedicated vSphere cluster– Current

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Configuring HCX : Part 1

What is VMware HCX? HCX also know as VMware NSX Hybrid Connect or as VMware Hybrid Cloud Extension allow you to migrate workloads between your on prem’ infrastructure and VMware on AWS for example.You may also migrate workload between different cloud provider.To go simple, that’s the first step to transform

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VMware Flings : Code Capture

Code capture is one of my favorite tool that came from the VMware flings.The january 14th the tool has been updated to the version 4.0.One of the most important improvement is that the tool is now compatible with vSphere 6.7.It simply allows you to record actions that you perform with H5 client and then automatically generate PowerCli

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Create and manage a SDDC on VMWonAWS

This end of week i had the chance to participate in a really nice training : VMware on AWS : Deploy and manage.I’ll try to perform a serie of blog posts around this trendy topic that i performed along this formation. What it look to create a new SDDC into

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NSX : Communication Channels Down

As explained in a previous blog post, I’m working on NSX these days. I’m still performing some setup on my NSX Lab.  The NSX lab is a nested one, with 4 ESXis.One cluster for management, one for workload, 2 ESXis in each cluster. I started to deploy NSX services on

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NSX 6.4.4 : Full HTML5 support… or not

Mid of december, last version of NSX-V came out. One feature that was really expected was the HTML 5 full support.On my side, i just came back from one week training on NSX : Install, configure and manage. My goal for the coming weeks is to pass the VCP-NV. This

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Vulnerabilities : Access ESXi shell from a VM

Since a long time, many of security experts said that it may be possible to access to the ESXi shell trought a VM. No one had the ability to demonstrate this. This time is ended. During the “GeekPwn2018”, Zhangyanyu from ChaitinTech company demonstrates this critical vulnerabilitie. He get the skill

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VMworld 2018 : First Timer

Here is the time for a recap from the 2018 VMworld edition, first time for me. That was one of my greatest profesionnal opportunity. How can i summary it ? – Great Community – Great partner – Great party – And AMAZING session / workshop. 12000 IT Guys, 90 nationalities,

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vSphere 6.7 U1 : HTML 5 Client full featured

We’re waiting this since VMworld US : vSphere 6.7 U1 is out since few days, and this new version brings some really new cool features. I was expecting this one since the HTML 5 client is out : having the capability to use ONLY this client. No more flash client!

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Homelab Upgrade : vSAN powered

vSAN is here from few years now, i already worked on it and i don’t take risk to say that’s a powerful technology. I’m not really an expert on this topic and i want to go further, but as you may know, vSAN need “important” hardware. This solution, in my

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