My Mac Apps

Few weeks ago, i switched back to mac OS.
Below, you’ll find a list of all apps or extension that i use.
I’ll not list common apps like office, slack, discord, …

Backup :

Time Machine : Default backup solution on MacOS, backup are stored on my Synology NAS.
Carbon Copy Cloner : 2 backups, a complete backup of “My Macintosh HD” to my dedicated backup SSD, and a backup of HomeDir and applications folder into my daily use SSD.

Get a better MacOS experience :

Alfred and Powerpack : Spotlight replacement, with third party integration like 1password, and some automation capabilities.
Antidote : better Spellcheck
Bear : Note apps, markdown ready
CheatSheet : Press command and get a shortcut reminder.
Dropover : Easier Drag and Drop.
Magnet : Window Management tool.
Moves : Move and resize your apps with your mouse.
NTFS for mac : Get Read / write on NTFS volumes.
Pock : Get your dock on your TouchBar
Royal TSX : Remote connection tool
StrongBox : Open keepass files.
ToothFairy : your external bluetooth device in the menu bar
VMware Fusion : Virtual Machine on your mac
Viscosity : VPN Client
Wifi Signal : All informations about your wifi.

Setapp, apps collection :

Bartender : Menu Bar organizer
BetterTouchTool : customize mouse and keyboard settings
CleanMyMac : clean your mac 😉
Endurance : better use of your mac when your low battery
Gemini : find duplicate file finder
Lungo : prevent your mac from sleeping
Mission Control Plus : few added tweaks inside mission control
Paste : Sync and backup your clipboard, between all your devices.
Path Finder : Better finder
iStat Menus : System Monitoring

Get a better Cli:

iTerm over the default terminal
fish over zsh

Get a better Web Browser, I use a Brave as default browser :

Chrome Better history

The great suspender

Session Buddy

If you find this article trough google, i use my mac in my daily job as System Engineer.
Special thank’s to Jérémie Brison, who give me the idea of this post. Few apps are coming from his recommendations : check his blogpost.

I’ll try to update this page as soon as possible!