My Mac Apps

FYI, I’m currently running Mac OS Monterey Beta 4:

Carbon Copy Cloner : 3 backups, two complete backup of “My Macintosh HD” to two differents dedicated backup SSDs, and a daily backup to my Synology.
Alfred and Powerpack : Spotlight replacement, with third party integration like 1password, and some automation capabilities.
Antidote : better Spellcheck
Apple Notes : Note apps, markdown ready
Magnet : Window Management tool.
Moves : Move and resize your apps with your mouse.
NTFS for mac : Get Read / write on NTFS volumes.
Royal TSX : Remote connection tool
MacPass : Open keepass files.
1password: for my personal and corporate password
Safari : Navigator of choice
Things3 : task management
VS Code : edit everything with few extensions:
Bracket Pair Colorizer
Indent Rainbow
VS Code Icons

Setapp, apps collection :

BetterTouchTool : customize mouse and keyboard settings
CleanMyMac : clean your mac 😉

Get a better Cli:

iTerm over the default terminal with zsh and powerlevel10k.
Here my zshrc file and p10k.zsh

If you find this article through google, I use my mac in my daily job as System Engineer.
Special thank’s to Jérémie Brison, who give me the idea of this post. Few apps are coming from his recommendations: check his blogpost.