Configuring HCX : Part 1

What is VMware HCX?

HCX also know as VMware NSX Hybrid Connect or as VMware Hybrid Cloud Extension allow you to migrate workloads between your on prem’ infrastructure and VMware on AWS for example.
You may also migrate workload between different cloud provider.
To go simple, that’s the first step to transform your on premise environment to a hybrid one.

First, when you subscribed to the service appliance will be automatically deployed into your SDDC in VMware on AWS:

Deployment into your SDDC

Then go back into the administration of HCX and download the OVF for HCX for the on prem’ side.

Click on HCX Enterprise Client

Then simply deploy the OVH, remember that as far as i know, deployment of an OVF trought the HTML5 is not working. Using the “lovely” old flex client :

First steps of your HCX deployment

Then you HCX VM is deploying, when it’s done you can directly start it.

OVF deploying

First step is to activate your HCX client, on my side i faced issue due to an incorrect setup of DNS. You can easily activate it later.

Activation of HCX client

Basic setup is now, done we’ll see in the next part of this article how to perform migration.

To summarize the quick “how to setup HCX”, we saw that is really simple and if we perform cold migration no need to setup a VPN between VMware on AWS and our on premise infrastructure. Straight forward.

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