Create and manage a SDDC on VMWonAWS

This end of week i had the chance to participate in a really nice training : VMware on AWS : Deploy and manage.
I’ll try to perform a serie of blog posts around this trendy topic that i performed along this formation.

What it look to create a new SDDC into VMware on AWS?
First, let’s connect to vmc.vmware.com And click on “Create SDDC”

It’s quite simple but you have few choices to perform :
AWS Region : In my case I picked, EU (London), you may choose between many AWS region. Below find some detailed informations on this :

Deployment : Single host is possible but only for 30 days. In my case, i’ll pick multi host.
Strech cluster allows you to create your SDDC stretched out between two zones to create an SDDC that is highly available, fault tolerant and scalable.
SDDC Name : Simply the name that you’ll give to your SDDC
Number of hosts : Choose between 3 or 4 in your first cluster, you will be able to scale out your SDDC with another cluster up to 16 hosts.
Cloud : Option that you can’t see in production. 
Zerocloud is dedicated to training environment. It allows you to create “fake” SDDC. Nothing will be deployed at the end of this operations.

Connect to you AWS account is mandatory in production.
You should specify a management subnet, even more if you plan to connect with on premise infrastructure.
Then, after around 3 hours your SDDC will be ready to use. Keep in mind that 3 hours seems to be quite long but behind this all products are deployed : vCenter, vSAN, ESXis, NSX… Are you able to be faster than 3 hours on prem’? 😉
Now let’s click on add a host and then
Your cluster has been extend to a 4 hosts cluster.
Now, let’s add a second cluster. The first one may be the management one, the second one will be for workload for example. Keep in mind that you can deploy up to 13 hosts this cluster.
In my case, i created a small one with only 3 hosts.

To finish this blog post what looks like a host in VMware on AWS ? below the detailed summary :

not bad ?

Stay tuned for other articles about #VMWonAWS!!!

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