Horizon 7.5

I said that the new post will be really soon, so here it is!

Horizon 7.5 is out !

Great news, first because there is really nice improvements :

  • Horizon 7 supports vSphere 6.7.
  • Horizon Console is the latest version of the Web interface
  • Horizon Help Desk Tool is integrated into Horizon Console
  • You can troubleshoot Linux desktop sessions in Horizon Help Desk Tool in Horizon Console.
  • HTML5 Multimedia Redirection support for the Edge browser
  • VMware Logon Monitor monitors Windows user logons and reports performance metrics
  • VMware Horizon Performance Tracker runs in a remote desktop and monitors the performance of the display protocol and system resource usage.

You have plenty of other new features and bug correction, you can find details here:

Part of homelab rebuild, it will be really nice to rebuild VDI infrastructure…

So stay tune 😉


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