My Experience with VCP7-DTM

Few months ago, i decided to renew my VCPs which were expiring on May 2018.

At this time i’m not really interested with other tracks like cloud management or network virtualization.
I’m already VCP6 DCV, so VCP7-DTM was the better choice, i think.

I previously passed the VCP6 DT, but the content in this new version changed a lot.
New products integration, new keys features, this certification was a real challenge for me.

The Blueprint :

This is your key ressource, everything you need to know about the exam, essentially topic included in the certification are in the blueprint.

In the blueprint, you will find many links which will redirect you to different VMware documentations.

If you are able to master all topics described in the blueprint, then you are ready! Go to the cert’ and you’ll pass 🙂

Online Courses :

I used one great course online on the well know pluralsight.
If you’re not prenium and you just want to check this video you can get 3 months for free following this nice tip.

This course is really great, mostly if you are a newbie on Horizon Suite.

Labs :

This is for me the best material to work on a certification : a lab.
I already spoke here the importance to have your own homelab.

80% of my work to train for this certification was to play with all the products on my lab.
Furthermore, you’ll get  a real experience on the product, not only oriented for the certifaction.

If you are not lucky to have you homelab, you can perfectly work with VMware hands-on-lab.

Few or many hours later, you’ll get this nice piece of paper :

If you have further questions, feel free to contact me here or on differents socials networks.


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