NSX 6.4.4 : Full HTML5 support… or not

Mid of december, last version of NSX-V came out. One feature that was really expected was the HTML 5 full support.
On my side, i just came back from one week training on NSX : Install, configure and manage. My goal for the coming weeks is to pass the VCP-NV.

This week i started to build a lab : vCSA 6.7U1 / NSX Manager 6.4.4 / 4 nested ESXis on 6.7U1 too.

Today, i was really surprised that i was not able to use my licence key on NSX solution trough the HTML5 client, key isn’t visible:

and then nothing available :

If i perform the same operation in flex client :

Then if you go back in the HTML5 client, you can see that the NSX solution is correctly licensed.

I went deeper in the documentation, and other functionnalities are still not available trought the HTML5 client… includint licence…

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