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VCP Application Modernization 2021 : Review

I recently passed my VCP Application Modernization :

VMware Certified Professional - Application Modernization 2021
VCP – Application Modernization 2021

This exam test the candidate on Tanzu Standard, which include :
– vSphere with Tanzu
– Tanzu Kubernetes Grid
– Tanzu Mission Control

From the certification page on VMware site:
This exam tests a candidate’s expertise with VMware Tanzu Standard Edition including vSphere with Tanzu, Tanzu Kubernetes Grid, and Tanzu Mission Control. The exam also tests fundamental cloud native skills including containerization, Kubernetes, and application modernization.

As always, you should start your preparation for the exam with the exam blueprint.

To be honest I failed on this exam on my first try with only 290 points.
I was not well prepared for the Tanzu Mission Control questions, I don’t have any hands on experience with this product.
Since then, VMware made available a TMC lab wich may be great option to prepare the certification.
Other useful ressources:
vSphere with Tanzu HOL
Tanzu Kubernetes Grid HOL
VMware TMC Documentation
vSphere with Tanzu Documentation
Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Documentation

I also recommend you to check kube.academy which is full of free great ressources.

VMware recommends to take part of one of this course:
– VMware vSphere with Tanzu: Deploy and Manage
– VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid: Install, Configure, Manage
– VMware Tanzu Mission Control: Management and Operations
– Kubernetes Foundations

I personally take part in the vSphere with Tanzu on demand training (which is really great) and also Kubernetes fundamental.

There is great resources included in the official Kubernetes documentation:
Pod Lifecycle
Persistent Volumes
Config Maps

I highly recommend you to check all articles on Rudi Martinsen website and vEducate website.

Finally, Tanzu Youtube channel is a great ressource.

This exam have few weird questions… where even with the documentation I can’t find the answer… but overall this is great and challenging exam, I learnt a lot during the preparation.

Feel free to ping me on Linkedin or Twitter if you have any questions

Good luck đŸ˜‰

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