VMware Flings : Code Capture

Code capture is one of my favorite tool that came from the VMware flings.
The january 14th the tool has been updated to the version 4.0.
One of the most important improvement is that the tool is now compatible with vSphere 6.7.
It simply allows you to record actions that you perform with H5 client and then automatically generate PowerCli code. great no?

How can i get access to code capture?

It’s available trough the html5 client fling. You juste need to deploy the client with its appliance, connect to your vCenter and here you are.
Simply deploy the ova and configure it trough with the new configuration tool :

Simply provide SSO server, root account on it and password.

Let’s generate some code?

Simply connect to the ui trough the link displayed in the configuration tool.
Then click the red button on right corner, perform actions and clic again on the red button.
Your PowerCLI code is now ready to use!

You can easily download this flings here :
HTML 5 Client Fling

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