vRealize Operations Manager : Introduction and installation

Hi there,

Since a long time, i wanted to learn more about vROps. When i say more, it’s because i have few knowledge about it, indeed it’s now part of the VCP-DCV certification.

In my daily job, i have the chance to go back in vROps, so it’s really interesting to continue on it with my Homelab.

What is vRealize Operations Managers?

vROps is a software, part of the vRealize suite with a main goal to provide a control center for IT Admins. You will get the ability to create custom dashboard and reports.
You can analyse capacity, risks and health of your infrastructure.

We will come back more in details later.

Installation :

First, my advice is to perform the deployment trough the “old web client” also know as flex client, or flash client, the one which not works really well.

Today i had an issue during the deployment with HTML5 client :

Same actions and parameters goes smooth through the flash client, so leave a comment if you have any other suggestions.

You need a fixed IP address and that’s all to begin your deployment.

Regarding the deployment, nothing really special, like other ovf…

Choose your OVF file, in your local computer and clic “next” :

Select a folder in the datacenter tree and as alway “next” :

Accept licence :

Select the size of your configuration, it will automatically “size” the vROps VM, in my case “small” will be perfect:

Choose your datastore, and in my case i will use thin provisioning, this choice will depend of your storage, and prod or non prod environment.

Then, configure the “IP things” about your VM, DNS, mask, etc :

Then, clic finish, and after few minutes of patience, you will be able to connect to : https://ip_address_vrops/admin, and you should get this page :

We will continue the configuration in the next blog post.

So, to conclude just remember one thing here, perform this deployment trough Flex client aka Flash web client.


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