vSphere 6.7

Yeahhhh, i know, vSphere 6.7 is out since a month…

This post is just to summarize the situation :

First what’s new ?

  • vSphere Client (HTML-5) is about 95% feature complete
  • Improved vCenter Appliance monitoring
  • Improved vCenter Backup Management
  • ESXi Single Reboot Upgrades
  • ESXi Quick Boot
  • 4K Native Drive Support
  • Max Virtual Disks increase from 60 to 256
  • Max ESXi number of Devices from 512 to 1024
  • Max ESXi paths to Devices from 2048 to 4096
  • Support for RDMA
  • vSphere Persistent Memory
  • DRS initial placement improvements

My goal is to perform some deep dive in next posts about those new features.

Part of this, i will completly rebuild my lab from scratch, and i’ll try to give you more and more information about running the best homelab.

So stay tuned, next posts will come (really) soon 😉

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