VMware Flings : DRS Lens

VMware flings is website that i falled in love, years ago, you can find really interestring tools. “DRS Lens” is one them, as many of VMware’s product, you simply have to deploy it trough an appliance. Next, first step is to configure the IP address: Next, you can go to

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vRealize Operations Manager : First Steps configuration

We saw in a previous post how to simply install vROps, we are here now to perform the first configuration steps. Now that the first installation steps are done, you need to configure your appliance, steps are performed from web interface : http://vROps_IP_address You should see this page. If yes,

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vSphere 5.5 is dead, long live vSphere 6.7

Everything is in the title, vSphere 5.5 is dead. As described here by VMware end of support will be september 19, 2018. What should you do? Upgrade to vSphere 6.7 is THE choice i think, if you’re not confident with the last version of vSphere 6.7, you can go to

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Clear DNS cache on vCSA 6.5 and later

As you may know, vCSA is now running on Photon OS. If you are performing some IP change on one of your ESXi, or you are adding a new ESXi on your infrastructure, you may struggle with DNS caching. You may found on the web that the solution is simply

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Horizon 7.5

I said that the new post will be really soon, so here it is! Horizon 7.5 is out ! Great news, first because there is really nice improvements : Horizon 7 supports vSphere 6.7. Horizon Console is the latest version of the Web interface Horizon Help Desk Tool is integrated

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vSphere 6.7

Yeahhhh, i know, vSphere 6.7 is out since a month… This post is just to summarize the situation : First what’s new ? vSphere Client (HTML-5) is about 95% feature complete Improved vCenter Appliance monitoring Improved vCenter Backup Management ESXi Single Reboot Upgrades ESXi Quick Boot 4K Native Drive Support

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My Experience with VCP7-DTM

Few months ago, i decided to renew my VCPs which were expiring on May 2018. At this time i’m not really interested with other tracks like cloud management or network virtualization. I’m already VCP6 DCV, so VCP7-DTM was the better choice, i think. I previously passed the VCP6 DT, but

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Powershell and PowerCLI on my Raspberry Pi

First of all, i’m a G33K. This kind of geek who will buy stuff without knowing what he’ll do with it. I saw few days ago that Raspberry Pi 3 had really nice performance. Windows is more and more open too the open source world. VMware realesed few days ago

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RVTools : New version available

If you’re an IT admin, you must know RVTools. This tool allow you to display many informations about your vSphere infrastructure, and export it. The last version version of this tool is available online since this month. Here the change log for the last version : Upgraded RVTools solution to

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Homelab is the key

Technologies change everyday, as an IT consultant you must be aware of these changes as must as possible. You have to build, crash, migrate, test, understand how products works. Homelabing is the key.

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I’m back

Here we are… A new start for this blog. Since one year i did nothing online, i was like sleeping. I want to start, again, to share my knowlegde, my research and everything that looks important for me in my job. I’ll still mainly write on VMware technologies and my

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